Honesty, O’ the honesty of making Art

There’s something so honest about creating art. It’s not a particular art form, nor the quality of the artist, but rather the act of engaging in soul search. Creating and/or remixing the images, the words, sounds, and feelings bound inside the soul of a man, is a heroic act. There is an honesty found in the act of creating art that chastened the hearts of those engaged in it. The baring of deep dark secrets and the cathartic release of emotions previously unconfronted can make a normal man turn strange, and that is the moment of courageous and valiant repose that we artist look for. This search is truly a lifelong journey and one that is hard to put into words. Next time, ask a musician, a dancer, painter, actor, etc. to explain this urge to be free. This honesty allows many to be free, FREE of all sorts of hang ups and twisted knots found in the very being of us all. That is all….

Jarritt Ahmed Sheel


4 thoughts on “Honesty, O’ the honesty of making Art

  1. Beautifully said. Very refreshing to know that there are still some people with critical thinking and humility in this world, eager to learn and experience life at its fullest. Keep creating and writing!

  2. The Honesty thing I juS reaD is quite aLarming when it comeS to it being restricted & one said to “it can maKe a normaL man turn STRANGE” noW I find thAT statement quite interesting..cuS I thiNK in suM reSPectS..I hav tuRN strANge..bcus I mus bE cLogging the outlet That’s been urging to come’oUT of ma cReatiVE veinS..

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