Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I wrote this poem several years ago for my then girl friend, now wife Antonia M. Sheel. I hope that this work of prose inspires you to think deeper, smile or write your own work. ENJOY!


POEM aka “A Poem for Antonia”

by Jarritt Ahmed Sheel

This day and Time
Tippy toeing down the stairs
SHE began to realize
The world was a bigger place
It wasn’t small as a bread box nor big as the universe
But big all the same
SHE stared in the mirror
And peered into HER own eyes
Pupils widening with transfixed glare
Listening to a kettle boiling over

SHE turns HER attention to the willows outside of HER window
Contemplating opening the glass SHE is looking thru
Hooked in place SHE is
Like a 160 pound marlin off the coast of New Guinea
The rhythm of the weeds is reeling HER in
The thicket waves to HER
Mocking HER
The sound of waves crashing invites HER in
Mesmerizing HER and hypnotically putting HER in a trance
SHE finally wakes up
Standing on the edge of reality and allusion
One foot here and one foot there
SHE steps forward into the light

SHE blinks and blinks
Blinks, blinks, blinks, blinks…
And then carefully widens here glance to see the beach
Waters sparkling and salty smells of brine and fresh air swirling all around
Delighting HER nose
Sunshine beaming down on HER
At that very moment SHE realizes that the WORLD was a bigger place than she once believed
It is bigger than a bread box and smaller than the universe
SHE is okay with that


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