Stephen Krashen: Pearson Poll Finds Support for Common Core!

I find it interesting that this private company (Pearson) presents this report touting their support of a public policy (Common Core) that ultimately funds their budget. Humorous is right….

Diane Ravitch's blog

Stephen Krashen shows himself to quite the satirist in this report.

HUMOR ALERT: I post this notice because it is hard to tell the difference between satire and reality in American education these days.

Krashen writes:

“There is now no doubt: Americans overwhelmingly support the common core. In a poll organized by the Pearson Publishing Company, 96% strongly agreed with the statement, “Schools should teach important things.” By a wide margin, those surveyed also agreed that “teachers should help students learn stuff.”

But that’s only the beginning: as you might expect, Arne Duncan says of the Pearson poll, “This is a game changer”

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