On The Art of Music Criticism . . .

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Nicholas Payton

Music is not meant to be placed on the one-size-fits-all rack. The type of theoretical analysis that may lend itself to Classical music can’t necessarily be cross-collateralized against African arts. That is a check that will never clear. There is no right way to look at Black culture through a European lens. Off the bat, this is where most writers fail. Black music is not to be dissected like an animal in biology class. That’s a very White way of doing things. And when I say “White,” I’m not referring to white skin, I’m talking about the racial narrative that perpetuates a White myth of sovereignty over all others. The Western standard is diametrically opposed to Black heritage. So the question is not about intellect as much as it is, whose idea of intelligence are we speaking?

As racism becomes more entrenched in code words and semantics it shows itself…

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