F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fantastic Response to Hate Mail

F Scott Fitzgerald is that dude! Although I am a truer fan of Ellison, but find that anyone whom is intelligent, and writes the truth and above all well… I am a fan of. Give ’em Hell F. Scott!!!


Shortly after the publication of his first novel in 1920 titled This Side of Paradise, young F. Scott Fitzgerald, received a scathing letter from a critic. The author, who would later enthrall the world with his sociopolitical commentaries through works such as The Great Gatsby, was unperturbed by this hate mail.

In a fantastic and fiesty reply, found in F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters, Fitzgerald touches upon the superficial and lofty ideals of high societies in relation to the creative minds. It’s a letter worth reading, time and again, particularly if you’re feeling discouraged by the negative criticisms pervasive in mainstream media.

TO: Robert D. Clark

38 W 59th St.
New York City

Feb 9th 1920

Dear Bob:

Your letter riled me to such an extent that I’m answering immediately. Who are all these ‘real people’ who ‘create business and politics’? and of whose approval I should…

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