Salon: Is America Abandoning Public Education?

I think there are many great things in this post, BUT.. to blame this on one administration is faulty logic at best. This goes all the way back, as a systematic mechanism, to post WWII. White flight… BUT… it is a valid point. The most recent aberration can be seen in the Bush 1 & Bush , and before that Regan. Everyone else is simply following suit… sad but true. How far down the rabbit hole can we go. In a nut shell, read “Reign of Error” and see it for more than recent hype.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This article in Salon tries to understand education from an economic perspective. It says that the great expansion of public education occurred when our factories were expanding and we needed more workers. Now, with outsourcing and autation, society and our elites are less willing to invest in education, and so we live in an era of austerity and privatization.

Eric Levitz writes of the Obama administration’s reluctance to address glaring inequality:

“We have an economy in which 46.5 million Americans live in poverty, the real unemployment rate is above 12 percent, and our 400 wealthiest citizens enjoy as much wealth as the entire bottom half of the population. But a political system designed for gridlock, the grossly disproportionate influence of the rich, and Americans’ ideological aversion to class politics conspire to make it politically inadvisable for a Democratic president to even speak the words “income inequality” before a national…

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