When Philanthropy Replaces and Controls the Public Sector

I don’t know if I totally agree with you, BUT I understand how problematic philanthropy can be. Philanthropy, by nature, is reshaping the present and future of a group or society through financial contributions. How do we control or take control away from those that would like to show power through monetary contributions? These are all interesting ideas and concerns.

I think that the bigger one for me, is how do we survive or progress without consensus in regard to education and budgetary concerns, and secondly getting the voices of the people heard?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ethan Corey explains in the journal “In These Times” that there is a conflict between big-time philanthropy and democracy. He describes recent conference where the tech industry wrung its collective hands about inequality without acknowledging that it is a source of frowing inequality.

“Indeed, there seems to be a trend of billionaires and tech firms making private donations to public institutions ostensibly with the goal of improving public services. Yet, many of these billionaires are absent from efforts to raise public resources for those same institutions. Zuckerberg is only one example.

“For instance, hedge funders make big donations to charter schools. Yet, the hedge fund industry lobbies against higher taxes that would generate new revenue for education.

“Meanwhile, Microsoft boasts about making donations to schools, while the company has opposed proposals to increase taxes to fund those schools.

“To understand the conflict between democracy and this kind of philanthropy, remember…

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