REPOST OKAY PLAYER: Kanye West Talks J Dilla & Madlib In ‘Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton’ Bonus Clip

Kanye West Talks J Dilla & Madlib In 'Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton' Bonus Clip

Kanye West was one of countless luminaries interviewed for their take on some Stones Throw‘s most influential contributions to hip-hop’s ever evolving landscape in the documentary Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton. In a newly surfaced extended bonus clip from the ST chronicle, Yeezy can be found discussing the influence and legacy of J Dillacomparing him to iconic figures like Michael JacksonSteve JobsBiggie andTupac. He then goes on to describe the sense of duty and obligation he feels as a producer living after Dilla, claiming to work on the GOAT’s behalf and constantly keeping his voice in mind when creating to make sure all would have been kosher if Jay Dee could have heard it.

West goes on to describe what it was like working with Madlibcalling on the Beat Konducta to come with some of that new raw. It’s a true treat of a clip, from what seems to be a bonus section from the upcoming DVD release of the documentary, which features interviews and words from the aforementioned Ye’, plus Questlove, Madlib,Flying LotusPeanut Butter WolfCommonTalib KweliDam-Funk and so many more (not to mention an extensive portfolio of unseen live footage of their star-stunting roster.) Watch a rarely sentimental Kanye give his thoughts on Dilla’s place in the pop hierarchy at the time marks 21:44 and 24:09 below and be sure to cop Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton on DVD and its Madlib-headed OST via today.


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