Do You Remember What It Was Like To Be Human?

Nicholas Payton

Since the beginning of days people have prophesied about the end of days. There’s no way to make someone your slave without first becoming a slave yourself. It used to be that in order to capture a slave you had to become a slave to an idea that would make someone else less human in your eyes, and as a result you’d become less human in the process. In this virtual era, you can enslave someone from your phone in under 140 characters. There’s no blood involved anymore. It’s a timeline — a ticker tape of nonsense posing as news.

Even the greatest of human beings are dehumanized by us deifying them. That gives us an excuse to not aspire to the higher realms of our consciousness because we create the myth that certain attributes are unattainable. It’s also easy to blame someone else for your inability to evolve, when no one can ultimately…

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