I think that the beauty to be found in life, at this point in my life, is centered on the fleeting moments that we loss grasp of as time passes us bye. It is in these moments that life springs hopeful and eternal. It is in these moments I find myself straddled between yesterday and tomorrow, all the while balancing precariously on the now. Life is so wonderful and full off potential. It is in the now that we find direction in respect to yesterday and the imagination of what tomorrow can, may and might hold.

I am reminded of those I have lost whom are my true friends, and family and those I never had in my life; father, grandfather, to begin with. It is in the now that I realize family and friends are all roles that we place on people whom are in our lives, They are placards, place card holders, and above all simple titles. These are the ones that answer the phone at 2pm or 4am and answer with an affirmation or sarcastic remark to let you know that they are here for you no matter what. They will also give you crap because it is 4am in the morning and they are sleep. They are the shoulder to cry on and the hug waiting at the end of a tragedy or a triumph.

Life is majestic and full. Those whom do not see this are not opening their eyes to the boundless possibilities of each and every moment. These openings happen all day long and are each as important as the one that preceded it or will follow there after. These successive openings allow us to see, feel, touch, taste and behold the wonder that is existence, LIFE. It is this aesthetic that I implore us all to engage in, to seek out and journey toward each and everyday. To find the beautiful outcomes of the now, and not totally fix our gaze on the past nor the future. It is the now that we live and breath.


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