Jazz for the Living and the Dead at Woodlawn Cemetery

This was a great concert, and I look forward to the next one in the Bronx!

Wendi Eats and Reads

Last night I had the chance to see the graves of some jazz greats and then hear their music played live.  I took the 4 train to the end of the line to hear the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra play a free concert in Woodlawn Cemetery.  Wynton Marsalis, the leader of the Orchestra, talked about the close ties between music and funerals in his hometown New Orleans.  Music is an integral part of saying goodbye to the dead and also celebrating life and finding a way to move forward.

King Oliver’s gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery

The music started with a traditional jazz number:  “Dippermouth Blues” recorded by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band in 1923.

W.C. Handy’s gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery

The next song was “St. Louis Blues”, composed by W.C. Handy.  Before starting the song, Marsalis said “W.C. Handy is here and so is his music . . …

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