Message To Black America via Ferguson, Missouri

Nicholas Payton always has his finger on the pulse of the current situation. I agree that the situation we face is complex and solutions not simple. We must struggle to evolved beyond our fleshly proclivities and endeavor to develop true understand of one another. Fear resides in the mind and is acted out in the flesh. The violence that is happening across America at the moment, needs eradication. Me must all work together, simply said.

Nicholas Payton

Message to Black America: It’s unlikely that the lawmakers or their agents will ever admit when they’re guilty of a crime. Just us.

Message to Black America: It’s unreasonable to think that a system which profits from your ignorance will ever invest in your enlightenment.

Message to Black America: It’s foolish to expect that the oppressor will ever value your community as much or more than you.

Message to Black America: Until you believe your gods to be as powerful as White people’s god or Asian people’s gods, there can be no peace.

Message to Black America: Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter. White Supremacy is President regardless of who’s in office.

Message to Black America: Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump can’t assure justice for Michael Brown any more than they could for Trayvon Martin.

America built its democracy by looting the world, but let Black people bust into a store…

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