Do You Want to Join “Lace to the Top”?

Diane Ravitch's blog

There is a secret society that was created by a couple of dads who are teachers on Long Island. They were worried about all the testing and the way that schools were misusing the test results to label kids.

These dads wanted to protect their children–their own and the ones they teach and even the ones they don’t teach–from practices that they knew were harmful.

But what to do?

First they dressed up in funny costumes, but that didn’t get them far.

Eventually they settled on the idea of green laces, either shoelaces or wristbands.

They called their group “Lace to the Top,” to symbolize kindness and concern for children, as opposed to the aggressive competition encouraged by Race to the Top.

If you watch their video, you might catch a glimpse on me being interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. I was wearing a green…

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