The Anaconda Shakes It Off

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Nicholas Payton


In the wake of the events in Ferguson, two videos got released by a couple of females in the business: Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” I don’t believe in coincidences. Whether conscious or not, everything is connected. The imagery in these videos speak to a mounting racial tension that has been getting a lot of media attention lately.

I thought she was classin’ it up, but naw, she assin’ it up.

Post the shooting of Michael Brown, the conversation has been conveniently diverted from one of yet another murdered unarmed Black person by the police, to the profiling and criminalization of the victim and their community. We’ve seen this same script play out many times with some of the same actors. It’s the same narrative: the respectability politics surrounding what Black people must do in order to not be shot in the streets. And we see…

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