Louis Vuitton early symbol of Hip-Hop Culture #HipHopMusicEd

“Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld celebrate the (Louis Vuitton Symbol) Monogram” #artsinnyc2015 #nyc #art #dapperdan #hiphopmusiced #hiphop #hiphopfashion No one in high-fashion could believe that popular culture (disenfranchised) populations would appropriate this monogram to be used by appropriation artist like Dapper Dan, who would get the fabric, leather and design to craft haute couture for hip-hop artist in the early 1980’s. Dan located in #Harlem #nyc would create dope hip-hop fashion using appropriated designs, monograms and emblems in his creation. He reminds me of #ElaineSturtevant #appropriationart teachers can use this theme, action, process and topic in their classes to teach difficult subjects and concepts. Taking skills from one experience and applying them to another situation. #transferoflearning #luisvuittion #karllagerfeld


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