It’s always been my passion to know who was crafting the wonderful hip-hop music I was listening to. J-Dilla, Pete Rock and Dj Premiere have always been some of my favorite modern day composers. They discovered and implemented a new way to compose/produce dazzling and infectious art in the late 20th century and have continued it into the 21st century. Music educators should take heed of the words of sociological phenomenologist Alfred Schütz, that notation is not music and the relationship created (the mutual tuning-in) is most important. Living in the vivid present…. within inner and outer time.

Checking out different dee jays is like going to a symphony’s performance of your favorite classical work. The beat, the collection and odrder of the break beats,  is a work of art of the modern day composer/producer of quality musical art for all to listen too. So, take a moment and check out some of these artist. 

#hiphopmusic #hiphopmusiced #hiphop #peterock #guru #premiere #biggie #jdilla  #kendricklamar #actionbronson #dejloaf #joeybada$$ #FrankOcean  #thedeejay #thedj #dj 



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